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My diary

Oct 19 Had a very frustrating day...someone deleted my thesis folder in error..i spent d day making calls and enquiring on how to recover it.I was so sad...I just thank God for all things and went to bed. huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!Oct 20My hubby wasn't busy today we spent quality time together and went shopping.....huhhhhhhhhh!. Oct 21-27. I ve been very busy. Thanking God for everything found my missing data???.couldn't make my appointment with my supervisor on tuesday because I didn't have the chapters to present... So glad Damisy is finally eating well... its been a lot of stress on me... Had a nice day today decided to rest: no business no work, I slept all day I kind of like it cos I am alert now so I am blogging and editing my thesis huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!. oct28 .Had a good day finally got to the editing part of my thesis can't wait for this phase to be over... Thinking of PHD I don't think so...well never say never. Was so looking forward to this evening. With my hubby but damisy and I are home alone .huhhhhhhhhhhh:!.Oct 29- Nov 5I dont understand why i don't update my diary daily its just a bad habit ... now i have to recount ......Had fun this week i think???.  A friend of mine came to visit it was a sweet reunion its being two years since we last saw.....Damisy really acting grown up,helping around the house at every opportunity of cos in a frustrating way .... switch the Television set off and on severally,leaving the tap running etc......As part of my dream to make alot of money online i joined a new affiiate programme and i am loving it....looking forward to a restful weekend my hubby is around to babysit...............huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.
Nov 6-12. As usual I ve not been here in a while...lazy me. The p