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Thursday, September 19, 2013


It is  so ironic that 17years ago i was so sure i was cut out for legal practice... looking back now may be... may be not...lecturing ?ooh yeah i m looking forward to that bagged my masters in Law(LLM) few months ago will start my MPhil/PhD   soon.Just when i was sure lecturing  was all i wanted to do my lil sis mentioned 'cakes' i  went  for the training.It was so fulfilling for me and now i have my own cake shop so excited about it.....I can proudly say i've found myself will continue on my cake part, open branches around the world and also be a cool law lecturer what is better than that....#wink#.
Sometimes in life we really need to look within and be objective to find our-self to experience true fulfillment many people are in a particular career for the money but it is sweeter making  money and enjoying yourself at the same time.

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