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Thursday, May 24, 2012


To set a family budget takes a good deal of patience along with some careful planning. When
you’ve got children the process can be even more extensive. Planning for things like their
medical coverage, college needs and perhaps eventual wedding plans all need to be taken into
consideration.However its important to teach your children the importance of saving from their young age.
    Cultivating the habit of opening a savings account for all your kids  and dropping a dime there often. I opened a savings account for my 2yr old son(2yrs ago) and i am enjoying saving for him,16yrs  from now i am hoping to handover the account to him.
There are some simple ways to save money in our homes without stress i.e you can  turn off the light when leaving a room and teach the children to do same, you can  lower the heater when no one is home etc.Newspapers are another thing that we can completely eliminate. Chances are we read only a few sections and discard the rest. You could try getting up early and watching about 30 minutes of the morning news.Not many take into cognizance that a small leakage in any of the pipes could add to your water-bill.
You need to clearly know the difference between your needs and wants.It is not what you earn that makes you rich, but it is what you save!.Driving short distances when, as a matter of fact, these drives could be avoided, is never a good idea. Nearby places could always be taken by foot,always ensure that before you purchase any automobile make sure you check its fuel efficiency and capacity.
You can  shop for summer in spring  to save some money, a few dollars/Naira at the movie theater or have dinner out once or twice a week, those seemingly minor expenses can quickly accumulate into a lot of money.
Saving money isn't as impossible as you might think. The first major hurdle that people face when trying to save money is to organize their finances. Chances are, your spending much more money than your realize and chances are you are completely oblivious to it.
One excellent money saving tip is to start tracking all of your spending. You will need a small notebook and something to write with. This must accompany you everywhere and everything that you by must be recorded down to the last penny.

To Your financial success,

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