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Friday, February 24, 2012


 For some of us we find it very difficult to control our actions when angry, to control your anger and actions from time to time you need to work on your attitude and reactions to occurrences.  
Let yourself be free from the pressure of past instances as you can’t undo anything that's already been done. You ought to learn to value what you do have command over, instead of stressing yourself out about the situations that you can’t change.  The emotion of anger may either control us or drive us to succeed in life. If your mind is filled up with negative thoughts you'll most likely burst when a threat strikes your emotions. When your emotions are jeopardized you might be prone to flare up. In some cases, it may lead to acting irrational.
A few of us convey anger through hitting, slapping, verbally attacking, mentally maltreating, punching walls and other surfaces to let your anger out. Nothing but hurt comes from these activities. Striking or slapping somebody will leave you in the slammer or leave the victim in the hospital. Striking an individual leaves emotional scars that will stay on for years. Also, punching walls, glass, and furniture may induce harm to you. It makes no common sense to act negatively  when you're angry.
 Occasionally you might have issues understanding what somebody is saying. The best thing to do is to ask for clearer explanation from the individual. Many persons feel threatened by individuals that don’t listen to them when they're talking. You might ask yourself if you're imagining the situation or if no one truly hears you. It's good to speak up when you're being menaced by another, but it is not a great idea to respond in a harsh manner that won't solve the issue.
It's really hard to go through life without being angry at something or somebody at one time or some other. The mystery is learning to cope with your anger and discovering how to effectively declare your anger without inducing harm. For instance, if you're dealing with a person that's quite self-opinionated in a matter you might take offense to, the most beneficial thing to do is alter the subject or to kill them with kindness.
Altering the subject when you begin to feel angry may save you time and energy in the long-term. You should always alter the issue if possible,
 Self talk may be a good way to express anger. You may want to ask yourself what is going on in your mind when you're losing control. The anger might be built within for years, or it may be caused by the now, you are able to start analyzing your mind when you learn self talk techniques.
If you talk yourself through your anger you'll be able to discover ways to deal with your anger as you see it through your eyes for the 1st time.
Admitting that you've a problem may also help. Telling your acquaintances and loved ones that you need support will ensure that somebody will always be there when you need them.. If you leave anger to hang around for too long it may lead to true problems. You'll never wander from course of life’s success journey by assessing your life and making the correct decisions from the beginning. Don’t forget that issues will arrive and you have to face them head on. You are able to cope with your anger easily by maintaining a good outlook on life. There's no mountain you can’t cross when you can see your path out of any jam. To cross a mountain you require a technique, self-confidence and hope to last through the path to recovery.
To your success,

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I  saw this picture and a lot of thoughts and ideas came to my mind. what you eat,drink,listen to,watch etc. Go a long way in affecting your wellness and eventual fulfillment.
 A lot of us enjoy eating lots of junk foods and stuffs the resultant effect is weight gain and sometime few health  problems.we need to learn to eat right in the correct proportion too.I recently resolved  to be watching only DSTV channels that  will help in my development i.e physically, psychologically  and spiritually,it is rather senseless to watch a program and be depressed or scared to go to bed.What you watch or listen to registers in  your subconscious and will be on your mind.
If you are a christian add INI TV(inspiration channel 350) to your list you  will develop yourself spiritually at your leisure.
      For total wellness in all aspect of your life you need to be solution oriented,stop blaming your mom or friends for your poor diet habit take responsibility and take charge.
Stop living in denial,it is very difficult to go from excuse to success.
To your wellness,