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Monday, January 9, 2012


I was introduced to this simple looking site, owned by Harvey Segal one of the big players in the internet marketing industry since 1997. He is also one of the world’s top click bank expert.
Harvey’s marketing concept is unique; he offers a lot of downloadable free e books, the fun part is that no name or e- mail is required.
I   downloaded ‘THE ULTIMATE     SUPERTIP’
  a 39 page e-book it  is so ingenious that it is possible for anyone to make money with it…
You have resell rights  upon purchase meaning you have your own product right away, all you need to do is to write articles on the free e books ,include your affiliate link and submit to articles directories and publishers like ezine and amazine.
You also have the option of downloading the books for knowledge acquisition.
CHAPTER 4 is a must read , the chapter offers you a package of I0 items which includes e-books and Softwares which is worth $511 dollars. You can pay just $10 and have it all.
They  are:( 1).  One year surefire wealth – sliver  membership  which will entitle you to new e-books,softwares,videos,templates and niche products.
2). E-book  titled ‘create hot products fast’
3). E-book titled     Resell right profits
4).E-book  titled ‘Autoresponder  maximize
5).E-book     titled ‘30days to internet marketing success’
6)E-book       titled  ‘Bloggers guide to profits’
7)Software:  Autoresponder  unlimited
8)Software:  E-writerpro
9).Software: Super rebrander
10)Video E-book: How to create a minisite in 30 minutes or less.
            You will get all this 10 items by paying a onetime   $10 dollars from your Alertpay or Paypal account all you need to do is to click on the magic button  on the last page in the free e-book.
The ingenious twist with this package is you  get to sell it over and over again without limit
Your affiliate link is attached to the product so any purchase through your link goes straight  to your Alertpay or Paypal account.
Get your copy here you will be glad you did…
I found the greatest marketing idea of all time - in a FREE book

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