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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Depression might be among the worst illnesses we know, but it's highly treatable.
The first thing to do is to work on your mind, the way you see yourself etc.
Don’t ever determine your success or failure by others achievements.
You will only get pessimistic about life and go into depression; to avoid depression you should avoid caffeine, smoking and foods high in fat and sugar. Maintaining your blood sugar is crucial for stabilizing your mood. A lot of the symptoms of depression may be directly linked to vitamin and mineral inadequacies.
Research have shown that Just a gram of fish oil each day can bring a 50% reduction in symptoms like anxiety; sleep disorders, unexplained feelings of sorrow, self-destructive thoughts, and diminished sex drive. Brown Rice also holds vitamins B1 and B3, and folic acid. Cabbage intake is also advised it’s rich in ascorbic acid and folic acid and it has other benefits; Cabbage protects against tenseness, infection and heart conditions. There are a lot of ways to get cabbage into your diet; like salad, wraps, stir fry and classic cabbage soup.
It’s important to maintain a proper diet. Depression may lead to thoughts of suicide. The impulsivity from the alcohol may also   increase the chances of an individual attempting suicide. Typically, a much greater incidence of suicide, both completed and attempted, is affiliated with alcohol.
Thus, living a life of gratitude by thinking of   all the positive things you have enjoyed will help you to be optimistic. Then daily exercise, healthy breakfast, drinking enough water, vitamin balance, Eating veggies and consciously loving ‘you’ will help avoid the risk of depression. If you ever feeling any symptom  of depression it’s important to  seek the help of a therapist(expert).
Wishing  you joy, peace and fulfillment in the coming year.
To loving yourself in 2012,

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