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Friday, December 2, 2011


Being prepared for the interview could mean the difference between getting the job and not.Employers will usually hire the person that makes the best impression at the interview.
When asked about your previous work experience, try to stay positive. Think about how this experience has helped prepare you for the job on offer. Even if your last position wasn’t idea, remain positive. Keep to how this job has helped you and prepared you for this position. Don’t fall into the trap of being negative about former employers. This looks very bad and unprofessional.
Generally, when you begin and interview there is a period of introduction You should
limit your conversation to what is relevant to the current job offer. Although your personal life may be of great   interest, the time for an interview is limited so best stick to what they need to know and want to hear.
You may be asked to demonstrate your current knowledge of the company. You may be asked this directly or in the form of a question such as. Why would you like to work for us? Prepare yourself by doing some research about the company. This shows the employer that you have a genuine interest in working for them and are not afraid of doing some research.
Nearly every interview asks that dreaded question, what are your weaknesses? The worst
answer that you can give is none at all. Everyone has weaknesses so this answer will not
impress your interviewers.. Rather speak on how you deal with your weakness so that they can trust you when under any pressure as their employee.
You will also likely get the opportunity to speak about your strengths. Although you may have many, keep these relevant to the job on offer. Again, interview time is limited and you don’t want to waste opportunities .Preparing yourself ahead of time and knowing what to expect can make a great difference in how well you perform in an interview. By being able to handle yourself well, you’ll be able to make that important first impression.When you go to your job interview be
realistic about the knowledge and the experience that you have. You may not always get the
job but every interview should be a learning experience that prepares you for the next one.

To Your Success,
Olatoun -graceny

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