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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My new TV addiction is watching extreme couponing on TLC…. I find it so   amazing and unbelievable but its real, watching  right now a family  just bought groceries worth $3,159  and paid $45  (using coupons).Extreme coupon users build their stock pile for fun, save for other needs and also donate to charity isn’t that wonderful!.
There are different ways to use coupons:
  • ·        You can use coupons on sale items,you can also  Use on double coupon days.

 Always visit websites that offer coupon discounts. Just do a quick search on any famous search engine. There are many websites that have hundreds of dollars of discount coupons available. All you do, click and print.

It’s important to device money saving means .You are not rich by considering how much you earn. It’s based on  how much you can save. Thus, it is vital to save from your regular monthly income sources.
You can try this few tips  :
  • ·        Always buy in bulk from the store with the cheapest deal.
  • ·                 Never gamble, it would only strip you off your funds.
  • ·                         Make sure you have a strict budget.
  • ·                             Don't spend more than what you earn.
  • ·                Identify your needs from mere wants.
  • ·                           Open account for your kids education (or charity).
  • ·                            Save for Retirement.
  • ·                          Save for unforeseeable contingencies
  • ·                            Save for vacation.

Saving money is all up to us. We need to take steps that will lead to eventual balance and financial stability.
To your good choices,
Olatoun  graceny

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