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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life from my viewpoint:.My weaning experience

A chapter from my parenting experience i like to share. i will appreciate your comments and opinions too... Last week thursday I succeeded in weaning my 18months old son after 8months of trying it was a very difficult task for me and a lot of my friends felt I was too soft and unnecessarily compassionate. Even though WHO(World Health Organization) advise mothers to BF their babies for 2yrs I wasn't planning on following it to the letter. However my challenge was that my son was not ready to tolerate solid food... I introduce it to from when he was 6months old. Cereal,baby formulas,name it. I learn a lesson from my experience that I want to share... Don't live with the assumption that you/ your life must follow a particular pattern: We all have a mind set that at a particular age or time we must achieve this or that...So we judge ourselves based on that and grade ourselves as successful or a failure as the case may be I was told that a male child should start sitting without Support from 6months. My son didn't achieve that until he was 8months old however, he started trying to walk from. 9months and by 10months he was walking well...The fact that a friend became a millionaire at 21 doesn't mean you must achieve it at that time take things easy you will get there..You may even overtake them depending on your destiny. We are all different from birth and we start exhibiting our true nature and characteristics from day one... Of course its important to keep striving and following our dreams but don't go beyond your limit...It will only end in frustration. I was frustrated on my weaning journey because of what people had to say. I only got better when I face the reality and realize that I needed to understand his nature and follow his lead...Now we are finally there to God be the glory....We should always remember that the first to take the lead in a track race is not necessarily the final winner... To your fulfillment in life,

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