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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Prevent back pain

Back ache can be very Excruciating... It is usually causes by some activities or medical conditions such as spinal stenosis,arthritis etc. The common cause of back pain is our sitting posture and lack of exercise, exercises will help strengthen the muscles that support the back there are alternative treatments for back pain they include acupucture,massage therapy,acupressure,yoga etc. Here are a few tips to help stop the pain: 1.when you are standing stand up straight with head up high and gazing forward our spines are meant to be in a naturally curved position. 2. Have a walking routine it will allow for bettert support of any weaker muscle. 3.Always lift heavy object with your knees bent alittle down to ensure the weight is on the lower part of the body. 4. Then the therapy of all drink more water it will help the body muscles to function well and boost hydration. 5. Reduce. Your stress level. Don't overwork yourself have a compulsory resting time. 6. Then for many of us that our job entail sitting. Down for a long time it is important to stand up and move around often. Stretching will improve blood flow in the lower part of the body. 7. Get a firm mattress and change your sleeping. Position. 8. Generally pain reliever help but if it doesn't visit your doctor. Sometimes lower back pain may be caused by constipation taking laxative will help. To your good health, olatoun-graceny

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