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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natural family planning tips;calendar tracking method

In the light of the latest developments and all the side effects of contraceptives it is my view that its time to go the natural way .It works but u have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Plan on tracking your menstrual cycle for 8 to 12 months.
Get a diary and start marking the first day of your period and the number of days for the next Eight months... that way u will be sure if u have a regular cycle.. then u will confirm the number of days i.e 30days,28days, 26days e.t.c

Step 2:Then pick your longest and shortest cycle e.g 26 (Shortest) 30 (Longest) it varies

Step 3: The first day of your fertility period is determined by subtracting 18 days from the length of your shortest cycle. If 26 days was your shortest menstrual cycle, take 26 and subtract 18 to come up with the number 8. This means that the first day of your fertility window starts on the 8th day of your cycle.

Step 4; The last fertile day is determined by subtracting 11 from the length of your longest cycle. If 32 days was your longest menstrual cycle, take 32 and subtract 11 to reach the number 21. This means that the last day of your fertility period ends on the 21st day of your cycle.

The time in between these is considered your fertility window. In the above example, your fertility period would be from the 8th day of your cycle to the 21st day of your cycle. Your ovulation is expected during this time frame.that means,it is sometime during this time frame that pregnancy can occur.In the same vein if you are planning conception it will occur during one of ovulating days if sexual intercourse occurs.

I advocate for the natural method because the only side effect is that you can get pregnant if you calculated wrongly....seriously,it will save us from all the health risk like cancer and the likes apart from the calendar tracking method we have a host of others i recommend the calendar method because its been working for me....Pls note that it must be calculated correctly and it is not recommended if u have irregular cycle.

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