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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My profession or My Passion :Its all about fulfilment

What brings you fulfilment?.i woke up this morning to a message alert on my facebook page from a friend enquiring about the grounds for divorce and i remembered...oh i am a lawyer!!!..I forget alot i think i am more of a medicolegal pract. I read my husband's books a lot...It is so ironic that 15years ago i was so sure i was cut out for legal practice... looking back now may be... may be not...well having gone to court off and on in the last four year i have realised that I am not comfortable with the. Win/lose result of litigation. I will probably go into Alternative Dispute Resolution system practice in future but for now I am enjoying myself and encouraging others to do the same. I think I will apply for lecturing job after my masters program next year!. I am sure I will love it .Then I am enjoying my plan B job of Marketing and Networking it's so cool I get to make money and new friends daily... What is important in life is locating what brings you fulfilment,when u find it be passionate about it. It will inspire and motivate you daily.Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Do agree, the key like you said is being fulfilled and doing what you were born to do.

  2. @oilychily thanks its important to live a fulfilled life.