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Thursday, December 29, 2011


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To your success,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Depression might be among the worst illnesses we know, but it's highly treatable.
The first thing to do is to work on your mind, the way you see yourself etc.
Don’t ever determine your success or failure by others achievements.
You will only get pessimistic about life and go into depression; to avoid depression you should avoid caffeine, smoking and foods high in fat and sugar. Maintaining your blood sugar is crucial for stabilizing your mood. A lot of the symptoms of depression may be directly linked to vitamin and mineral inadequacies.
Research have shown that Just a gram of fish oil each day can bring a 50% reduction in symptoms like anxiety; sleep disorders, unexplained feelings of sorrow, self-destructive thoughts, and diminished sex drive. Brown Rice also holds vitamins B1 and B3, and folic acid. Cabbage intake is also advised it’s rich in ascorbic acid and folic acid and it has other benefits; Cabbage protects against tenseness, infection and heart conditions. There are a lot of ways to get cabbage into your diet; like salad, wraps, stir fry and classic cabbage soup.
It’s important to maintain a proper diet. Depression may lead to thoughts of suicide. The impulsivity from the alcohol may also   increase the chances of an individual attempting suicide. Typically, a much greater incidence of suicide, both completed and attempted, is affiliated with alcohol.
Thus, living a life of gratitude by thinking of   all the positive things you have enjoyed will help you to be optimistic. Then daily exercise, healthy breakfast, drinking enough water, vitamin balance, Eating veggies and consciously loving ‘you’ will help avoid the risk of depression. If you ever feeling any symptom  of depression it’s important to  seek the help of a therapist(expert).
Wishing  you joy, peace and fulfillment in the coming year.
To loving yourself in 2012,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My new TV addiction is watching extreme couponing on TLC…. I find it so   amazing and unbelievable but its real, watching  right now a family  just bought groceries worth $3,159  and paid $45  (using coupons).Extreme coupon users build their stock pile for fun, save for other needs and also donate to charity isn’t that wonderful!.
There are different ways to use coupons:
  • ·        You can use coupons on sale items,you can also  Use on double coupon days.

 Always visit websites that offer coupon discounts. Just do a quick search on any famous search engine. There are many websites that have hundreds of dollars of discount coupons available. All you do, click and print.

It’s important to device money saving means .You are not rich by considering how much you earn. It’s based on  how much you can save. Thus, it is vital to save from your regular monthly income sources.
You can try this few tips  :
  • ·        Always buy in bulk from the store with the cheapest deal.
  • ·                 Never gamble, it would only strip you off your funds.
  • ·                         Make sure you have a strict budget.
  • ·                             Don't spend more than what you earn.
  • ·                Identify your needs from mere wants.
  • ·                           Open account for your kids education (or charity).
  • ·                            Save for Retirement.
  • ·                          Save for unforeseeable contingencies
  • ·                            Save for vacation.

Saving money is all up to us. We need to take steps that will lead to eventual balance and financial stability.
To your good choices,
Olatoun  graceny

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Everyone experiences trouble sleeping once in a while. While this may be Inconvenient, it’s often temporary. However, when this happen many nights in a row, you might have a sleeping problem.
When you don’t get enough sleep for an extended period of time your tiredness impacts every part of your life. Physically, you might notice a decrease in your
Productivity and  daily  activities. Emotionally, you may experience relationship problems or a change in your personality. Mentally, a chronic sleep problem can
create stress and anxiety.
Sometimes lack of sleep may be an indication of a medical problem or as a result of sleep deprivation/bad routine
Try all of the following:
Create bedtime schedule
 So that your body can learn how to fall asleep without medication or stimulant… Plan to get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, and don’t allow yourself to oversleep. If you wake up the same time every day you’ll establish a routine. You can avoid naps during the day pattern.
Sleep in a conducive environment.
The more comfortable and relaxing your sleep
space is, the better your chances for falling asleep and staying asleep.
Also important to the sleep environment is the equipment used when sleeping.
Sleep equipment includes the pillow, bedding, mattress, and sleep clothes.
Your mattress should be smooth and firm so that your back is well-supported and
your body is comfortable when lying down. Make sure the mattress is supported
completely by the bed frame to avoid sagging.
The mattress should also be appropriately sized for your body. Make sure you
have a big enough bed so that you have enough space. If you have a single or
double bed, consider buying a larger queen or king sized mattress.
Use whatever style and type of pillow you find most comfortable. It doesn’t
matter what it’s made of as long as it provides you with neck and head support.
The sheets and blankets should be clean.
Exercise daily :
Getting exercise during the day is an important factor in how well you sleep at night. If you are physically active during the day, you body will be able to relax
and fall asleep easier. Exercise helps your body deal with daily stress and

Music and Sounds for Sleep Induction

The earliest form of this technique is the lullaby, which has successful
soothed even the most colicky baby. There are many CDs and sound devices on
the market today that are designed to have the same effect as a mother singing
or   humming a child to sleep. You can easy listen to a soft music of your choice and gradually fall asleep.
Stay Away from Internal Stimulants
There are   stimulants that affect your body from the inside. Impacting the way you feel, think, and relax, these products contain caffeine, sugar, and chemicals. While
you don’t need to completely remove these items from your diet, you do need to
pay attention and be sure not to ingest them after dinnertime to avoid difficulty
falling asleep.

Watch your diet

Your diet impacts your ability to fall asleep and maintain sleep at night. By eating
a healthy diet, low in processed foods, sugar, fat, and preservatives, you may

find that you can stop the cycle of insomnia and improve your overall health.

Bath time
A soothing warm bath an hour or so before bedtime will relax you and help you
feel sleepy. The warm water will relax your major muscle groups, help your circulatory system, and raise your body temperature. When your core temperature returns to normal about an hour after the bath, you’ll still feel relaxed and comfortable and your body will be ready for sleep.

After trying any of these tips if you don’t seem to notice a positive change please contact your doctor.
To your Good health,

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Gall Stone Home Remedy: Get Rid Of Gallstones Without Surgery

 Nausea and heartburn

Ginger can be used for both nausea and heartburn. Eat a small piece of ginger to relieve your discomfort. Either fresh or pickled ginger should work equally well. Alternatively, make ginger tea by soaking a piece of ginger in water that is almost boiling.

 Cold and catarrh

. Lemon is one of the best old fashioned natural remedies for a cold sore that you will find.
If you can place a thin slice of lemon over the area where you feel the itch of a cold sore starting and hold it in place with medical tape if necessary. Replace with a fresh slice every few hours. You should soon find that the itching stops and the sore will not appear.
If the sore is on your face and this just looks too weird, fill a small clean perfume bottle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and spray it onto the area about once an hour. You can also use apple cider vinegar in a perfume bottle in the same way. .
If your cold sore has already appeared, try drinking the juice of one lemon mixed in a glass of warm water four times a day between meals. You can also do this once a day for prevention - first thing in the morning is best.

Fruit and Fiber

Constipation can have many causes but the most common are lack of fiber in the diet, lack of exercise and certain medications. The doctor will not diagnose constipation unless you have not had a BM (bowel movement)for three days or more.
Dried fruit is the classic traditional remedy for constipation. Daily consumption of a bowl of figs, prunes, dates or even raisins should sort out your regularity within a few days. Always soak the fruit for 2-3 hours in warm water before eating. You can cook it if you wish. Drink the juice as well as eating the rehydrated fruit.
For quick relief, take 2 to 4 teaspoons of castor oil. This is another well known home remedy for constipation.
To avoid it happening again, increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables to at least 5 portions every day and preferably 10. Choose whole grain bread and brown rice over white varieties, and drink plenty of water. Sometimes dehydration alone is responsible for the problem
Natural remedies for growing hair back can avoid some of the complications of transplants and other processes. Hair loss is something that happens to most men and many women but the process can be prevented, slowed or even reversed in some cases.
While transplants are the quickest way to replace lost hair, they do have some disadvantages. One is that they do not stop further hair loss.
Natural hair loss remedies come in various forms and the best results are likely to come from using more than one.
Scalp massage can stimulate hair growth where the loss is temporary or not severe, and can help to prevent further loss of hair. Gently massage the full scalp with your fingertips for about three minutes each day. Be careful not to scratch the scalp with your nails or damage any growing hair.
Massage with jojoba oil will provide the scalp with B and E vitamins plus many minerals that will give hair a boost. Jojoba oil is particularly effective if you have a tendency to skin problems such as dandruff, eczema and psoriasis, or oily hair.
A Chinese form of massage said to stimulate the follicles involves tapping the scalp with the fingers of both hands. Beginning in the middle of the base of the skull at the back, tap about 20 times then move the tapping slowly upward and outward around the ears. Then begin again at the back a little higher than where you started before. Repeat until you have covered the whole scalp, finishing at the front.
Nutrition and Vitamins
The hair requires a full balance of vitamins and minerals to grow healthily. Most of us do not get all that we need from our diets. Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to around 10 varied portions a day will go a long way toward rectifying any deficiencies.
Make sure that you are getting enough of these nutrients in particular:
Vitamin A
All B vitamins, especially B6 and B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Essential fatty acids.

Hope you find my few tips useful….
To your goodGall Stone Home Remedy: Get Rid Of Gallstones Without Surgery
health and safety,

Friday, December 2, 2011


Being prepared for the interview could mean the difference between getting the job and not.Employers will usually hire the person that makes the best impression at the interview.
When asked about your previous work experience, try to stay positive. Think about how this experience has helped prepare you for the job on offer. Even if your last position wasn’t idea, remain positive. Keep to how this job has helped you and prepared you for this position. Don’t fall into the trap of being negative about former employers. This looks very bad and unprofessional.
Generally, when you begin and interview there is a period of introduction You should
limit your conversation to what is relevant to the current job offer. Although your personal life may be of great   interest, the time for an interview is limited so best stick to what they need to know and want to hear.
You may be asked to demonstrate your current knowledge of the company. You may be asked this directly or in the form of a question such as. Why would you like to work for us? Prepare yourself by doing some research about the company. This shows the employer that you have a genuine interest in working for them and are not afraid of doing some research.
Nearly every interview asks that dreaded question, what are your weaknesses? The worst
answer that you can give is none at all. Everyone has weaknesses so this answer will not
impress your interviewers.. Rather speak on how you deal with your weakness so that they can trust you when under any pressure as their employee.
You will also likely get the opportunity to speak about your strengths. Although you may have many, keep these relevant to the job on offer. Again, interview time is limited and you don’t want to waste opportunities .Preparing yourself ahead of time and knowing what to expect can make a great difference in how well you perform in an interview. By being able to handle yourself well, you’ll be able to make that important first impression.When you go to your job interview be
realistic about the knowledge and the experience that you have. You may not always get the
job but every interview should be a learning experience that prepares you for the next one.

To Your Success,
Olatoun -graceny

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life from my viewpoint:.My weaning experience

A chapter from my parenting experience i like to share. i will appreciate your comments and opinions too... Last week thursday I succeeded in weaning my 18months old son after 8months of trying it was a very difficult task for me and a lot of my friends felt I was too soft and unnecessarily compassionate. Even though WHO(World Health Organization) advise mothers to BF their babies for 2yrs I wasn't planning on following it to the letter. However my challenge was that my son was not ready to tolerate solid food... I introduce it to from when he was 6months old. Cereal,baby formulas,name it. I learn a lesson from my experience that I want to share... Don't live with the assumption that you/ your life must follow a particular pattern: We all have a mind set that at a particular age or time we must achieve this or that...So we judge ourselves based on that and grade ourselves as successful or a failure as the case may be I was told that a male child should start sitting without Support from 6months. My son didn't achieve that until he was 8months old however, he started trying to walk from. 9months and by 10months he was walking well...The fact that a friend became a millionaire at 21 doesn't mean you must achieve it at that time take things easy you will get there..You may even overtake them depending on your destiny. We are all different from birth and we start exhibiting our true nature and characteristics from day one... Of course its important to keep striving and following our dreams but don't go beyond your limit...It will only end in frustration. I was frustrated on my weaning journey because of what people had to say. I only got better when I face the reality and realize that I needed to understand his nature and follow his lead...Now we are finally there to God be the glory....We should always remember that the first to take the lead in a track race is not necessarily the final winner... To your fulfillment in life,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


You might have heard that eating a vegetarian diet is healthier for you. But do you know that  the risk of cancer is low among vegetarians?Studies in England and Germany have shown that vegetarians are about 40 percent less likely to develop cancer compared to meat-eaters. Similarly, breast cancer rates are dramatically lower in nations, such as China, that follow plant-based diets.Meat and dairy products contribute to many forms of cancer, including cancer of the colon, breast, ovaries, and prostate.Harvard studies that included tens of thousands of women and men have shown that regular meat consumption increases colon cancer risk by roughly 300 percent. Studies from Cambridge Universityalso linked diets high in saturated fat to breast cancer.One of the many health benefits derived from a vegetarian diet is easy stomach digestion and bowel movement.Think about it, have you ever seen a fat vegetarian? Probably not. Often experts will tell you increase your vegetable and fibre intake. and  limit high-fat red meat, pork etc.When you eat a diet that’s higher in dietary fiber, you’re naturally healthier. Many diet plan fail because we think of them as depriving ourselves of food we love. There are so many undeniable reasons to eliminate meat from our diet, Let’s Focus on eating healthier and the possibility of weight loss and fitness when you do lose weight, so many other health risks can fall by the wayside as well.My 2012 health resolution will be100% vegan diet….think about it we can do this together….To your good health,Olatoun-graceny.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Loving Life
Many live their life daily thinking of the reasons why they shouldn’t forgive, thinking about the mum or dad that left years ago and all sort of broken bonds/relationships…. It’s important to  forgive and move forward  don’t let your past or background deprive  you of your future…
 Ask yourself:


Many get through life setting goals and dreams that will only end in depression…. Know the difference between what you NEED and what you WANT….stop chasing what doesn’t matter your happiness should be number one on your priority list. Your capabilities are very important when you are thinking about  your dreams .Resolve to make impact in your generation.; Dedicate your  life to a cause…When you give your life to something you immediately dedicate yourself to the passion.


Don’t go through life watching the days go by ,have a plan, face challenges, take risk.
The difference between extraordinarily wealthy people and those struggling is a matter of knowledge. Find out from the informed all the avenues through which you can make wealth.
Don’t ever attach your happiness to a particular goal or achievement, love yourself, pamper yourself ,eat  healthy and rest well  .Happiness  is a choice. You have full control over your life and the decisions that you make.…


Many people have regrets when they realize they are going to die real soon. It is often too late for many people to go back and change the things they missed out on. They would have lived their lives completely differently if they had the chance. If a doctor told you that you hadn’t any time left but a few weeks, then what would your regrets be? would you want to do before your time was up?
Now that you have answered these questions you should have a good idea of some of the things that make you What happy and your dreams. You need to have a clear idea of the things you have always dreamed to  do..
Finally your passion is  your purpose , Everyone has a passion and they can live a full life when they know exactly what their passion is and what they need to do. Think about this….
To your Fulfillment,                             

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Prevent back pain

Back ache can be very Excruciating... It is usually causes by some activities or medical conditions such as spinal stenosis,arthritis etc. The common cause of back pain is our sitting posture and lack of exercise, exercises will help strengthen the muscles that support the back there are alternative treatments for back pain they include acupucture,massage therapy,acupressure,yoga etc. Here are a few tips to help stop the pain: 1.when you are standing stand up straight with head up high and gazing forward our spines are meant to be in a naturally curved position. 2. Have a walking routine it will allow for bettert support of any weaker muscle. 3.Always lift heavy object with your knees bent alittle down to ensure the weight is on the lower part of the body. 4. Then the therapy of all drink more water it will help the body muscles to function well and boost hydration. 5. Reduce. Your stress level. Don't overwork yourself have a compulsory resting time. 6. Then for many of us that our job entail sitting. Down for a long time it is important to stand up and move around often. Stretching will improve blood flow in the lower part of the body. 7. Get a firm mattress and change your sleeping. Position. 8. Generally pain reliever help but if it doesn't visit your doctor. Sometimes lower back pain may be caused by constipation taking laxative will help. To your good health, olatoun-graceny

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Power Of Positive Thinking:to be or not to be

MY hubby woke up this morning to receive a distress call from a family member... In the last 6months we've had alot of calls like these. It usually entail traveling and alot of sacrifice...My hubby is a very strong optimistic christian and i ve been influenced by that.Postive thinking involves been able to see the good things orthinking of the good memories before the present bad situation.Like we all know worrying won't take away the problem it will only increase our sadness. There is a need to always look at the bright side of life.... Being optimistic will influence your environment positively... Don't rob yourself of the joy of life perhaps you need to start thinking of life from a child's perspective... Seeing life as an adventure its all about exploring, making mistake and forgiving easily.You have to make an effort to ensure that your thoughts tends towards positivity.Its up to you to start pushing negativity out of your head and let positive thoughts guide you... For example if you have a friend or loved one who is terminally ill instead of crying around the person in sympathy make the person happy by your postivity and help the person to enjoy his/ her last days...Thinking about all the good things and achievements in the past... Have a restful weekend!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My profession or My Passion :Its all about fulfilment

What brings you fulfilment?.i woke up this morning to a message alert on my facebook page from a friend enquiring about the grounds for divorce and i remembered...oh i am a lawyer!!!..I forget alot i think i am more of a medicolegal pract. I read my husband's books a lot...It is so ironic that 15years ago i was so sure i was cut out for legal practice... looking back now may be... may be not...well having gone to court off and on in the last four year i have realised that I am not comfortable with the. Win/lose result of litigation. I will probably go into Alternative Dispute Resolution system practice in future but for now I am enjoying myself and encouraging others to do the same. I think I will apply for lecturing job after my masters program next year!. I am sure I will love it .Then I am enjoying my plan B job of Marketing and Networking it's so cool I get to make money and new friends daily... What is important in life is locating what brings you fulfilment,when u find it be passionate about it. It will inspire and motivate you daily.Enjoy the rest of the week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to lower your cholesterol

Proper eating habit and regular exercise are the most effective ways to keep your cholesterol under check... Here are a few tips:1. Eat more of vegetables and fruits filled with fibers they are organic food stuffs and healthier. 2.Eat more of egg white and unrefined sugar. 3.Drink a lot of water daily it will help cleanse the body and maintain proper blood flow. 4.Avoid foods with.colouring agents. 5.Replace soft drinks with fresh fruit juice. You can make that at home. 6.Add garlic to your fish or pork when cooking,avoid red meat. 7.Take more of Soy products which can help reduce high cholesterol level. 8. For breakfast you can oat cereal,lunch you can eat beans and Dinner u can. eat vegetables.Then avoid frying.boil more often. Take a quick trip to your doctors office this week and check your cholesterol level... To your Good Health, olatoun-graceny.

Free Ebook - How To Make Money on The Net

I'm sure you have come across hundreds of websites or been inundated by hundreds of ads proclaiming how you can get rich on the Net. What is the truth ? Well a very small minority (less than 1%) might do well while 99% are floundering. Moreover the latter are losing money by falling for get rich quick schemes, hype and scams. I must warn you, if anyone says you can quickly earn a fortune then ignore them. So how do you find a genuine opportunity ? My suggestion is to follow a respected Internet marketing guru. How do you choose ? Well how about one who is not going to extort money from you, who gives away useful information for FREE and has a high credibility rating. Sounds a sensible approach doesn't it ? The name I have in mind is Harvey Segal - who is known all over the Net as Mr SuperTips. Check him out at these sites which contain profiles of the top marketers -Gurus Portal -GuruDAQ And take a look at those other top names, many of them have provided testimonials to Harvey's work as you can see at this testimonial page So you can't go wrong with his ebook 'The Ultimate SuperTip'. It's free... Check it out @

Thursday, October 20, 2011


t's so funny when I check my stats daily and see that you guys drop by but we didn't get to meet so today I need you to please, introduce yourself,your profession,what u wish I will write about then drop your website,facebook,twitter address so that I can follow back Thankyou!. Thankyou. Jens P.Berget for inspiring me.You are the best

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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To your Utmost Success

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Law of Attraction can make a huge and positive impact on your personal life as well as professional future. One of the biggest growing fields of business is network marketing and nothing can help you create a network faster and better than the Law of Attraction.
There are many excellent examples of how the Law of Attraction has been used by individuals to better their personal and professional status. The Law of Attraction can bring success in business and also lead to better and stronger personal relationships with clients and intimates.
Despite all this there are very few people who actually bother to find out what the Law of Attraction can do for them. Not only does the law affect the goal but it also has a positive impact on the path taken to reach the goal.
The Law of Attraction is based on the principle that like attracts like. This simply means that the more positive you think the more positivity you will attract. Thinking of success will lead to success and pondering or worrying about failure will only bring more failure. Even in moments of failure or negativity it is crucial to stay focused on the positive and not give in to negativity. The Law of Attraction is blind in the sense that it simply takes your thoughts and feelings and brings about more of the same. By staying positive you are forcing the Law of Attraction to bring you good things. If you want something then do not think of what will happen if you do not get it.
That is futile. Instead focus on all the good things that will happen once you do get it. The more
positive you think the closer you will be to achieving whatever you desire. All you need to do is apply this to network marketing and you too can become a powerful networker.
As stated earlier, the most important thing is to stay positive. Thinking positive will attract more positivity.
This positive feeling will in turn define your actions that will eventually lead to a positive outcome. Once you are doing this constantly it will be noticed by everyone you meet and you
will have no trouble passing on your positivity and passion to others. The more you can ignite them with your own fervor the better and bigger your network will become. Remember that people are more willing to spend money on something that excites and interests them and makes them feel good. Share your positivity and they will readily become part of your network.
© Wings Of Success Page 14.


I have had many challenges in life either directly or indirectly. Consequently I developed the habit of praise which has helped me a great deal, and often when we go through challenges we expect our friends and neighbours to be so loving and supporting but that is the time we will realize that we have only one true help and that comes from above only if we remember to look up. We need to understand that we serve a living God, who is full of grace and power.
You can never miss it with praise. Make everywhere a place of praise. If you decide henceforth to give thanks in every situation your perception and attitude towards life will change…We need to stop giving our enemies the pleasure of seeing us sad… rather confuse them with your joyous attitude in every situation knowing that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The one that never fails has promised and he his able to fulfill it.
Praise your way out of EVERY situation…..Sometimes after we have prayed and nothing seems to have changed, if we resort to praise it will definitely work out in our favour…. Imagine thanking a friend that promised you a gift severally though u haven’t seen the gift physically, he will definitely not disappoint you…… Our heavenly father will do much more.
As recorded in the Bible, Praise made way for Paul and Silas when they were imprisoned….. The wall of Jericho fell down flat when the children of God resorted to Praise.
Develop this attitude today and u will realize that going through life will be easier, u will have positive attitude and start living according to his promises and not what u can see or think….. Leave the cracking of brain on how it will work out to him…..
Have a sweet and fulfilling day ahead…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How To Burn Calories Gradually

DRINK ICE WATER:Drink at least 8 glassesof ice cold water daily, it will help burn calories fast.
CREATE YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE:We wake up every morning,drive to work,probably sit down all day, it is important to cultivate the habit of exercising at every opportunity.
you can go hiking,cycling,walking,skipping,spinning etc. Always Resist the temptation of taking the lift, take the stairs instead.: Its a known fact that when our body temperature raises we burn calories... you can drink ice cold water after a few hours of skipping or cycling it works.
Park your car a little far away from your office or any outlet you visit as long as safety is assured. you can then walk to your office or destination.
Gaining weight and losing weight are ironical to each other. One is easy to achieve and the
other is quite difficult to accomplish.The fact is that once you have attained a certain age, your metabolic activities reduce leading to gradual weight gain. Movement of your body counts a lot. The more you move the more calories you burn.
Finally Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables daily...
please suggestions will be appreciated these are the few i know.Its very important for us to keep fit...

Natural family planning tips;calendar tracking method

In the light of the latest developments and all the side effects of contraceptives it is my view that its time to go the natural way .It works but u have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Plan on tracking your menstrual cycle for 8 to 12 months.
Get a diary and start marking the first day of your period and the number of days for the next Eight months... that way u will be sure if u have a regular cycle.. then u will confirm the number of days i.e 30days,28days, 26days e.t.c

Step 2:Then pick your longest and shortest cycle e.g 26 (Shortest) 30 (Longest) it varies

Step 3: The first day of your fertility period is determined by subtracting 18 days from the length of your shortest cycle. If 26 days was your shortest menstrual cycle, take 26 and subtract 18 to come up with the number 8. This means that the first day of your fertility window starts on the 8th day of your cycle.

Step 4; The last fertile day is determined by subtracting 11 from the length of your longest cycle. If 32 days was your longest menstrual cycle, take 32 and subtract 11 to reach the number 21. This means that the last day of your fertility period ends on the 21st day of your cycle.

The time in between these is considered your fertility window. In the above example, your fertility period would be from the 8th day of your cycle to the 21st day of your cycle. Your ovulation is expected during this time frame.that means,it is sometime during this time frame that pregnancy can occur.In the same vein if you are planning conception it will occur during one of ovulating days if sexual intercourse occurs.

I advocate for the natural method because the only side effect is that you can get pregnant if you calculated wrongly....seriously,it will save us from all the health risk like cancer and the likes apart from the calendar tracking method we have a host of others i recommend the calendar method because its been working for me....Pls note that it must be calculated correctly and it is not recommended if u have irregular cycle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Importance Of Eating A Healthful Vegetarian Diet

So often when people say they are vegetarian they mean that they do not eat meat. But being a vegetarian is about more than just not eating meat. It is possible to be a vegetarian in the sense of not eating meat and eat a very unhealthy diet indeed.
A vegetarian diet may by high in cholesterol if it relies too much on cheese and eggs. It may below in fiber if it is based on refined grain products like white bread, white pasta and white rice. If
it lacks fresh vegetables you diet will be deficient in vitamins and minerals. You may vegetarian but you may not be eating a healthful vegetarian diet.
Going vegetarian is about more than just not eating meat. It means taking a positive decision to eat a wide range of foods that provide a balanced mixture of nutrients.
It is important to plan the change to a vegetarian diet. This may mean buying some new equipment for your kitchen. If you are used to eating convenience foods you may need to buy some basic items.
The next step is to plan your meals. Not all vegetarian meals rely on cheese, eggs and milk for protein. These are useful ingredients in a vegetarian diet but not by any means essential. It is perfectly possible to get enough protein by combining grains with pulse such as peas, beans and lentils. A bowl of lentil soup with a slice of bread provides all the essential amino you need.
Chili beans and rice combine in the same way to create what is called a complete protein.A diet based on pulses and whole grains has the immense of advantage of providing you with enough fiber. This is important to maintain colon health. Cancer of the colon is most common among people who eat a diet based on over-refined processed foods. Fiber is one of the key
ingredients in a healthful vegetarian diet.
Switching to a high fiber diet takes a little time. Your body needs to adjust. So take things slowly at first.
A healthful vegetarian diet based on whole grains, pulses, nuts, fruits, and vegetables will also be good for your heart as it is low in fat. The fats you use in vegetarian cooking should be vegetable fats and oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or groundnut oil. There is no reason to exclude butter from a vegetarian diet especially if most of the fat you are consuming is of vegetable origin.
One of the great things about a healthful vegetarian diet is that it helps to maintain you weight at the right level. You will still pile on the pounds if you binge on ice cream but a really healthful vegetarian diet leaves you feeling satisfied so that you are less likely to overindulge in sweet things.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


so fresh



You might have heard about body detox and all the great things it can do for you. You probably
have also heard that it can help cleanse your colon, remove toxins and waste from the body and
help prevent disease and illness. You probably also know that it can give you more energy and
boost your immune system.
Did you know that a body detox can also give you great skin? If you want to have younger,
smoother, healthier looking skin, then a detoxification of your body might be the way to go. It
can make your skin look and feel refreshed. By cleaning out the toxins in your body, the result is that you look and feel healthier all over. Our skin is often a sign of our inner health. People that are unhealthy may have dry, brittle skin, more wrinkles and more signs of age than a healthier person.
Toxins in the body can cause your skin to be pale and dry and look unhealthy. It can contribute
to signs of aging earlier as well. When you clean your body deeply from the inside out, you
remove these toxins that weigh down on your body and skin and refresh yourself. In the days
that follow your detoxification, you should notice your skin becoming healthier and more alive.
Over time, this will continue. Drinking a lot of water- whether it was specified in your detox
program or not- will also be very helpful.
There are also special skin detox formulas you can purchase that are specifically for people with problem skin, acne or other skin conditions. There are many specially formulated detox systems that are designed for people that have skin problems or for those that might be experiencing aging and fine lines or wrinkles and just want to rejuvenate their skin.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

my xtain status

I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ and it has helped me till date... cant thank him enough of cos like every other christian have had my on and off times with Christ but sometimes in 2008 i rededicated my life to Christ and he has been increasing me on every side.....